Update 6/25/20

Hi Center Stage Dance Family!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be resuming our in-studio classes!  We are very excited to get back “home” and into our space!  To make this happen, we have developed strict cleaning and studio protocols for the safety of our dancers and staff.  The guidelines we have put in place are the latest understanding we have as of today, 6.25.20, from the Reopen Connecticut Indoor Recreation Guiding Principles https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/DECD/Covid_Business_Recovery-Phase-2/Indoor_Recreation_C3_V1.pdf.   As new guidelines are released, we will update accordingly.

We have completed our self-certification with the Department of Economic and Community Development.  We also finished a thorough cleaning of the studio using EPA rated cleaners and have installed touchless soap dispensers, hand sanitizers and paper towel dispensers.

The most exciting news of all, we are working on plans for a reimagined summer Recital performance…outdoors!  We are excited to embark on this Recital journey with our great Center Stage dancers! The current plan is to run classes July 18th – August 8th, using our current class schedule, to prepare for Recital 2020.  All classes will have shortened class times and all combination classes will be limited to one style of dance.  We will present our Recital 2020 performance (multiple shows with a limited audience) on August 9th!  (details regarding venue and time will follow!)  We need at least 5 dancers to hold an in-person class. For classes that do not reach the minimum number, zoom classes will be offered using the same schedule as in-studio.  All of our zoom dancers will have a Zoom Recital during their last class!

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines and Pre-Screen Questionnaire were emailed.  EVERY STUDENT MUST HAVE A SIGNED QUESTIONNAIRE ON FILE BEFORE A DANCER WILL BE ALLOWED TO RETURN TO CENTER STAGE…NO EXCEPTIONS!  The deadline to receive the questionnaire is JULY 1ST.  We will be setting up our class schedule (zoom or in-person) based on the number of questionnaires we receive, so please spread the word to all your dance friends to get them in on time.

We know the dancers cannot wait to get back into the studio, and we cannot wait to see them!!  Although things may look and feel a little different, we are committed to bringing the joy of dance back into our students’ lives, while putting safety as our number one priority.  Through all of this, Center Stage remains a tremendous family!  We cannot say enough how much your support continues to mean to us and we are truly looking forward to welcoming you home soon.  Together we will return to our favorite place…the dance floor!  In the meantime, stay safe and be well!