Studio Update 4/29/20

Hi Dance Families!

We begin this with a virtual hug and a heartfelt “how are you?”  We hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy, taking care of one another, daydreaming about fun summer days ahead, and finding time to DANCE!

We’re happy so many of you have been taking advantage of our live virtual classes. It’s clear this closure can’t stop us from dancing! While it’s not the same as being together, we are committed to staying connected to our dancers.  We LOVE seeing you dance in your living room, your yard, your garage, your bedroom.  It puts a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts! 

Our dancers will continue to be at the center of every decision we make.  As of today, 4/29, we have NO intention of cancelling Recital 2020.  We will definitely not be performing on May 9th, but we are staying positive, optimistic and very hopeful that the show will go on!  We do not know where, and we do not know when, but as soon as we get answers from Westhill High School and the Board of Education our dress rehearsal, performance and picture days will be rescheduled.  Please know that we are doing everything possible behind the scenes to navigate through this time. 

We hope everyone is practicing their Recital dances with the choreography videos that were emailed on March 26th. Beginning today, we will be emailing music files to each class.  We have heard some of our families have not been receiving our emails in their inbox.  Unfortunately we have no control over the emails once we hit send.  Here is some info we hope will help…

“We have seen an increase in regular emails going into spam/junk. Emails are constantly being filtered for spam and at this time they are filtering for spam more than usual.  Email providers can possibly be temporarily stopping emails from being delivered due to spam complaints. Links and attachments can certainly make an email more prone to being filtered for spam/junk. Make sure your parents are checking the spam/junk folders frequently and marking your emails as “Not Spam” so that this does not continue. Even if they have been receiving your emails regularly, it is possible that they can start to go into the spam folder.” 

You can check with your email provider to see if there is something you can do on your end.  Also, if you find our emails in your spam folder, mark them “not spam” and hopefully that will resolve the issue. 

Center Stage Dance Studio is more than just a place.  It is more than the dance floor, or mirrors, or walls, or the barre.  It is the people…our dance family!  Your health, safety and well being are most important to us.  While we don’t have a reopening date yet, we do know that we’ll be ready for you when that day comes.  We will dance again, and we can’t wait to welcome you back!  Until then, stay well and thank you for keeping the dance alive!

Your Center Stage Family